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American Sign Language (ASL)

Did you know that Maddy can sign?  She's ever so good at it.  Last night, we were at a bookstore and all of a sudden, she was signing.  If she saw a kitten, she'd make the sign.  If she saw a dog, she'd tap the sign on her thigh.  You should see her face light up when I agree with her.  Here's a list of signs she has learned so far:

  • Tiger (her very first sign)
  • Fish
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Baby
  • Time/clock
  • Milk/numies
  • Bear
  • Candy
  • Sleep
  • Bubbles
  • Bird
  • Ball
  • Girraffe

And that's just the beginning.  She is really picking up speed now and learning very quickly.  It is so cool when she signs "milk" and I can give it to her.

Maddy points and grunts (which means "what is that?") and I will say and sign what it is.  I love and cherish teaching her and enjoy greatly watching her learn and express herself.

This is my favorite site for ASL.